Quelli della radio A good site for everyone interest Radio Event.
Radio D'epoca Very interessing site, the autor of this have more attention for restauring.
More schematic and information abaut this.
Matti Kaki in Finland A Finnish Web site of Geloso Equipment with more pictures and finland information
We thanks to Mr. Matti kaki OH2BIO
Arg Audio: Best site for Hi-Fi Vntage.
Fabiomoie: Site dedicated to the restoration of multiple appliances from scales to the refrigerator Keepsakes
Soundfan: the first Italian website about reel to reel analog recorders and magnetic tapes
Geloso Sound in Germay: As you can see Geloso's fan is not only in Italy.
This site is from Germany and it is certainly a site under costruction.
Collezionismo a 360 gradi: This is a site that show more type of colletion and on this is possible sell and buy more product.
Radiomar: A nice Radioamateur personal site whit more more particolarity.
Paolo Califano: Personal site whit schematic, modify, teoric and pratic discussion of more oldies radio.

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