Radio D'epoca Very interessing site, the autor of this have more attention for restauring.
More schematic and information abaut this.
Matti Kaki in Finland A Finnish Web site of Geloso Equipment with more pictures and finland information
We thanks to Mr. Matti kaki OH2BIO
Arg Audio: Best site for Hi-Fi Vntage.
Fabiomoie: Site dedicated to the restoration of multiple appliances from scales to the refrigerator Keepsakes
Soundfan: the first Italian website about reel to reel analog recorders and magnetic tapes
Geloso Sound in Germay: As you can see Geloso's fan is not only in Italy.
This site is from Germany and it is certainly a site under costruction.
Collezionismo a 360 gradi: This is a site that show more type of colletion and on this is possible sell and buy more product.
Radiomar: A nice Radioamateur personal site whit more more particolarity.
Paolo Califano: Personal site whit schematic, modify, teoric and pratic discussion of more oldies radio.
Pispola Patrizia: Electronic component commercial site whit rarity as the logos Geloso.

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