The story

Of some people and firms, by now you become institutions, it would need to know at least approximately the history of it, at times to remember us that the great men and the great enterprises there have been... also Italian, competitive firms and smart people that, also not without difficulty, with their merits and their defects, son succeeded in making great and famous in the history inventions as the radio that has contributed to the alfabettizzazione of the "people" Italian and not only made possible dreams and adventures and graces to some instruments left each other by them in inheritance, you/they have engraved in way indelible memoirs in our minds, "Recordings", that son succeeded in stopping in the time treats of history and histories of men.
We thank them to us and we make them homage with this section in which we will insert histories and biographies whose these people were.

Any grand'uomos he/she lives in vain: the history of the world is not but the biography of the great men.
(Thomas Carlyle)

Our history is the history of our soul; and history of the human soul is the history of the world.
(Blessed Cross)

Thanks to Silvia Bonanomi for the translation.

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