The story - John Geloso (I1JGM)

Despite the brilliant successes reached in the United States, in 1931 he decided to move back to Italy and started industrial business on his own. In the same year he founded the John Geloso S.A (Anonymous Society) in a very modest factory  in Milan, via Sebenico 7, starting to manufacture material for radio receivers and amplificators.Enlarge
He created “assembling boxes” with all the components and parts necessary to build a complete apparatus; this represented  a very important step for the professional training of future generations of technicians and it was also convenient from an economical point of view.
He patented also coil-winding machines for transformers and coils creating in this way fundamental instruments for the national industrial manufacturing .
In 1932 the Geloso factory moved to via Brenta 18 enlarging the premises in order to face the demand of the increasing production.
In 1939 the Central factory of Geloso  moved to the big plant in via Brenta 29 (central office up to the end of the activity) in a 17.000 squared meters  area.
The war broke out and the Italian Navy  found in Eng. Geloso the one who could solve in a new and genial way several and essential problems related to telecommunications, system of electro acoustical localization, loud speaking communications between headquarter and  operative troops on submarines and navies and  to other technical applications.
The raw materials, such as copper, were missing and John Geloso exploited a mine near Levante  obtaining the necessary metal for the production of coated and enamelled  wires produced in apposite enamelling and drawing mills equipped with automatic continuous method machines he personally planned and realized.Enlarge
In the meantime Eng. Geloso was appointed as an expert of our country in the Technical Committee of N.A.T.O. : for many years he gave his efficient disinterested and competent service asserting ideas and suggestions that met the favour of everyone and particularly of the American technicians even if the American technique was more and more developed then the European one. In September 1949 started the first experimental television programmes and Geloso was in the van showing a prototype (experimental GTV1001), successively modified, that allowed the company to become in 1952 (date of the beginning of the regular commercial television service) among the first constructors of the market.
His merit was also the popular diffusion in our country of the magnetic recorder. At first it was a magnetic wire recorder (model G 239, G 240, G 241 and G 242.) and than become a magnetic tape recorder; it was sold at a price within the reach of everyone from the beginning  keeping faith once again to his principle essentially moral  to offer high quality products at the lowest prices in order not to prelude the well-to-do from buying . The activity of radio amateurs of Eng. Geloso (I1JGM) had as consequence on an industrial and practical level, the study and the construction of receivers and transmitters of the radio amateurs gammas, further to pilot groups (VFO) and other detached parts useful to many radio amateurs to build their own receiving/transmitting radio.
In April and September 1968 he was satisfied to see that the receivers for colour television were appreciated and admired on the occasion of the Trade Fair and Tv and Radio exhibition in Milan: the study of the receivers brought to the elaboration of circuits with original solutions.
This new branch of activity required investments and consistent care; he followed it constantly with passion and interest.
Eng. Geloso has always been a collaborator among his collaborators and his work has always been a natural and ordinate self expression. The hours of a day were never enough also because for him working means a continuous interest toward the evolution of the technical world and a continuous and spontaneous  necessary search. Taking care of every technical , organizational , financial, commercial problem was indeed a manifestation of his Nature , of his way of being, and the logical consequence of a reflexive and complex respect is to solve it with balance, intuition and cleverness. Similar is his behaviour  toward every scientific and human argument.

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