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...The construction of television set was based on preassembled and pre-setted chassis average frequency, sound, synchronism etc..). The Geloso television receivers met the best public’s favour that felt understood and cared about also from an esthetical point of view even following the natural evolution of time they kept a proper balance between traditional and modern. Particular attention was paid to the amplification and diffusion of the sound with high quality apparatus at low price at the user’s disposal: amplificators, loudspeakers, exponential trumpets, microphones ect…
Geloso produced and diffused in our country the magnetic recorder. Enlarge
At first it was a magnetic wire recorder (mod. G 239, G 240, G 241 e G 242) than it became a magnetic tape recorder and it was sold at reasonable prices from the beginning: Geloso was following his essential moral principle to offer high quality products at the lowest prices in order not to deny the well-to-do from buying. The radio amateurs activity of Eng. Geloso had as consequence the study and construction of receivers and transmitters for the radio amateurs range  further to pilot groups  (VFO) and other detached parts useful for a lot of amateurs around the world to realize their own receiving –transmitting station: Geloso was called in the slang of radio amateurs during their conversations as the “ well known House” for antonomasia. During the  Trade Fair of Radio and Television of Milan  in April and in September 1968 the public and the technicians could appreciate  the receivers for the colour television that started to be studied since many years and brought to the elaboration of circuits with new original solutions. This new field of activity required relevant investments and care. Fine and huge premises for the product distribution were build  in main Italian cities; each one of them had  everything that was necessary to satisfy the customers properly:  travellers, Enlargeoffices, stores  and a settled and travelling  service of technical assistance equipped with all the suitable instruments.  The premises  were: Torino, Genova, Padova, Bologna, Firenze, Ancona, Pescara, Napoli, Bari, Cosenza and Cagliari.  The agencies were: Brescia, Mantova, Bolzano, Udine, Trento, Trieste, Roma, Potenza, Catania, Palermo. A close net of exclusive distributors  was covering 60 nations: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America. In order to have a stronger commercial holding in north America were created the “American Geloso Electronics” and the “Canadian Geloso Electronics”;  in  south  America there were local firms with the name of Geloso in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru.  In this way Geloso was spreading his products around the world developing our fame of industrial nation. Geloso was present also in the main  industrial and economical review. In Italy: trade Fair and National Fair of the Radio in Milan, Technical Exhibition in Turin, Trade of Padova ect. Abroad:  Exhibition of Components and  Electro Acoustics in Paris, International Fair of Marseilles, Radio TV Electronical Exhibition of Helsinki, International Exhibition of Hanover, Specialized exhibitions in Bruxelles and Aia, International Exhibition of Vien, New York, Buenos Aires, Sydney and others.
Around Geloso raised also small and average industries that lived and  flourished providing exclusively to its need. Geloso became an empire of eight productive plants with a detailed and efficient selling chain. Geloso continued the production up to 1972 when it closed up definitively his activity. It’s quite the moment now to look back and make a balance of what Geloso realized: numberless things, fruit of  professional reliability and scientific and technical genius.

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