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Geloso and me… What can I say?!
Well, I never had any personal experience of the company when it was still in business, since I was only a few years old when it ceased to exist.Enlarge
To tell the truth, the word “geloso” [meaning jealous in English] was, for me, nothing more than an adjective until about fifteen years ago: the parish priest in the small town where I lived knew about my passionate interest in electronics and asked me to take a look at an old amplifier – used in the parish’s auditorium – which had suddenly stopped working.
This was my first encounter with GELOSO and it marked the start of an irrational “love affair”: I have since spent whatever time I can spare at fairs and flea markets, buying, swapping, bartering material to restore and fine-tune, with the objective of creating and enhancing a discreet collection of devices made by a firm that was probably the only wholly-Italian electronics producer that ever existed.
Today this passion of mine continues, if anything with increasing fervour…
And – I was forgetting – the old parish amplifier (a splendid G 3272A) is now part of my collection!
Good wishes to everyone, I hope you enjoy the site.

Thanks to Silvia Bonanomi for the translation.

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