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Here I am, the real creator, designer and producer of this website, which had been “on the cards” for several years.
You may well be wondering quite what my connection with Geloso is…Enlarge
Apparently there isn’t one. I’m a young guy, vaguely familiar with electronics and the technical side of audio. I’m also a computer expert, but there are plenty of those around these days… Hardly an explanation… But here I am just the same.
The reason is basically this:I feel it would be good “not to forget”, to enable anyone who was not around at the time to know, not everything but something that I too – in my own little way – have been witness to.EnlargeAnd I decided that the best contribution I could make was to set up this site for people passionate about these little gems: gems made by “mamma Geloso” which I saw (again and again) and used (even destroyed) in my childhood.
Thank you to the individuals who asked me to create this site and to anyone who comes to browse. Personally I have gained a lot of pleasure from talking with pride about one of the most important producers from Italy’s past…
Thank you.


Thanks to Silvia Bonanomi for the translation.

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